Intercessory Prayer

Intercession in prayer is a responsibility of all Christians. For Christ Himself, interceded in our behalf with the Father, to save us from our sins. We are responsible for praying for all people; the lost, the hurting, those in need of spiritual uplifting, facing insurmountable odds, and for the world as Christ did for us from the Cross. Submit your prayer needs here, pledge to support our ministry, through prayer and in the joining together in prayer for the petitions left here.

Quite simply, I am one person, who was led to create this page for Intercessory Prayer. The needs of our fellow man are great and while there are many places where we can find comfort from our daily trials, this is one place where we can leave our concerns for others and rest in the knowledge that at least you’ll have me praying on your behalf and maybe others as they are so led.

God go with  you, and bless you, today and always.


Robert Scarborough
Prayer Intercessor/Webmaster